Home Theater Reveal

I am so excited to be able to finally bring you all my home theater room. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be able to write an article on this project, because I had inadvertently deleted most of the photos documenting the process. However, I recently located an old iPhone that had been misplaced. Luckily, it had a few images that had been taken during the process. Not as many as I would have liked, and certainly not very good quality, but I am making do.

When the construction of my house was going on, I knew that I wanted to reserve a space that could later be converted into a home theater room. So, I made sure that the space was prepped and ready to go. Well, sort of…..

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Home Theater Reveal

Under construction: Columns have been installed and walls primed. Beginning the actual paint color.

I had planned for a very large attic space to be converted. The room was initially built out with a smaller room behind where the screen would be located. This was suppose to be the equipment room. (media and security) The equipment room measured 15’x 18′. So as you can imagine, I just couldn’t see devoting that much space to just equipment. (This became my craft room).;-)  I moved the media equipment to a built in box, and the security I had relocated elsewhere.

As I began to plan, my son chimed in with many suggestions of what it would take to make “a really cool” theater room. A candy stand was requested, as were “real movie posters.” (translation: lighted poster boxes).

Home Theater Reveal

Patching over old wiring locations and wall dings. Crown molding added to give a ceiling for the columns, and keep columns from being 14′ tall. Plus, wiring will be hidden in crown.

Anyway, the room had electrical and wiring for a theater system. The only problem was that the original location for the projector was 24′ from the screen location. After, I found out that a projector that would project from that far back would run around 10k, I decided that I would rewire myself and go with a more budget friendly projector. )

To see how these faux columns were made – click here.

Home Theater Room Equipment


I did a lot of research before making my decisions on which equipment to purchase. I wanted the absolute best, but also wanted to keep things within a certain budget. After much deliberation, I ended up going with a Ben Q W1070 projector. It turned out to be a great decision. The picture is excellent and we have not had any problems with it so far.


I also purchased Energy’s 5.1 Home Theater System after reading the review on C-Net.  I use a Sony receiver with this system, but the one that I have is no longer available at Amazon. So, I am not able to provide a convenient link. If you choose to purchase this home theater system, you will need to get a receiver, though.


This is the screen that I decided on. It is quite big and looks very nice. It has a velvet covered frame and was easy to assemble, as far as screen go. I am very happy with it.

Before and afters

Home Theater Reveal

This is a panoramic view of the before for the right side of the room. You can see some of the wiring hanging out of the wall, and all of the outlet boxes.

Home Theater Reveal

And an after shot.

Home Theater Reveal – Concession/Candy stand

Home Theater Reveal

Before shot of the concession’s area. The new wires are sticking out where the electronic built-in will go.  Door to the craft room is about to be installed. (please excuse my mess) 🙂

Home Theater Reveal

After shot of the concessions area. Per my son’s request, we now have a candy/popcorn stand. I made this out of 3 small cabinet bases. The glass front is actually the door from the center cabinet. I removed the panel and added pexiglass. Then, relocated the door to the backside of the cabinet. The front side opening (which is not visible in this photo) holds the mini fridge.

Home Theater Reveal

Another shot of the concessions/candy stand. I used black out curtains on the widows, and made the front drapes and the cornice.

Home Theater Reveal
The front side of the concession/candy stand. Here you can see where the mini fridge is located (and where I took the door from to make the glass candy front).



The popcorn popper is Paragon’s TP-4. We love it, and so do all of the neighborhood kids. 😉  I contemplated buying the 6oz. or 8oz. version, but I am glad that I didn’t spend the extra money. This one pops more than enough. Besides, it only takes a minute or two to make up a batch. So, on the rare occasions that I need more than the 4 oz. packet, I just make up two batches. The popper will hold several batches. It’s just the amount that can  be cooked at any given time that is limited.

Home Theater Boxes

Home Theater Reveal

These are the lighted movie poster boxes that I made. I think that they came out pretty good.(even better than they appear in the photo). They are run by remote and can be dimmed or brightened to suit our needs. (I wish I had taken another shot with the sconces lit, but my camera wasn’t happy with the conflicting light from the boxes).

Home Theater Reveal

Here is a close-up shot of one of the boxes. I am contemplating doing a tutorial on how I made these, but decided to wait and see if there is any interest in one before I go forward.

(So, if you all are interested in detailed instructions for anything that I did here, let me know).

Future plans for my home theater room

Home Theater Reveal

This is the back-left view of the room. Since this has become a popular hang-out for my son and his friends, I need more seating. So, I plan to add a riser in this corner. I think a sectional would work nice back there.

Home Theater Reveal

There is quite a bit of space available back there. This shows the corner better.

Home Theater Reveal

And a mock-up of how I want the layout to look. I’ll update the details on this after it is finished.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you all think? Drop a line and let me know. And as always, if you like it, share, tweet or pin it!


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20 thoughts on “Home Theater Reveal

  1. Tamara says:

    This is stunning! We are working on our media room now, and this is just inspirational! Can you please share how you did the columns!? Do you have a video on this?
    From the pictures I can see you used trim/molding, did you use /place a board on the wall and then the molding? How did you achieve the top portion? Please be kind to share details. I need to pass this on to my husband.

    Fantastic job!!!

    • Rachel says:

      Tamara, Thanks for your interest. Since I have been getting A LOT of questions about these columns, I have decided to do a step by step instruction on how they are assembled. I should have it up this month. If you want to be contacted when I post it, you can either sign up for an email subscription, or just shoot me an email via my contact link and I will email you back.

      • Tamara says:

        Thank you for the reply! I was wondering if you did the step by step instruction on how the lovely columns were assembled? I just recently signed and subscribed!

        Thank you!
        Tamara Flores

        • Rachel says:

          Thanks for subscribing. I have been taking a break for the holidays. But I plan to go forward with a video description. I will send out an email to all subscribers to let everyone know when it is up, but it should be by the end of this month. Thanks!

  2. Brittany says:

    I love your theater. In in the design stage right now and I’m curious as to how you built your wall columns. They look lovely.

    • Rachel says:

      They were made of MDF boards that are approximately 24″ wide by 8′ high by 3/4″ thick(if memory serves me correctly). They are trimmed with molding along the edges and topped with crown molding.

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    This is an amazing room!!! You are a fabulous mother to “get” your kids diverse needs and put “talk” into action to meet their needs. As a retired SpEd teacher (loved my kiddos like your son) so many times my student’s parents were the biggest disability they had! I used to love parents like you too! What a fabulous way to ensure your house is “the” house to be at for years to come.

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks! The colors are Sherwin Williams – Urban Bronze in matte for the ceiling and gloss for the trim and columns. And Pavestone on the walls.- I used these same colors for the candy stand.

  4. Diena Cameron says:

    How sweet of you to go aall out for both boys. I’m sure they both will enjoy it in they’re own ways. You must have such a special bond with them. Thanks for sharing and I’m definitely pinning. <3

  5. Maggie says:

    Love the theater, I would love to know how you did the lighted poster box, please do the tutorial!


  6. Rene Griffith says:

    Hi, I love the home theater especially the lighted movie poster boxes. I am an artist and would love to have more detailed information on how you built them. And, what kind of remote lighting you installed in the boxes. Please let me know when you decide to share that information on your blog. Thank you!

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks Rene,
      I have been getting a lot of email requests for the details on these. So, I will be putting together an instruction article soon.

  7. Shelley Davis says:

    WOW! I love this so much. We adopted three babies with FASD who are all now 10 This would be so wonderful with our guys. Leaving the house is often impossible because our kids are too vocal and the sensory issues etc.
    Your imagination and talent are incredible!

    Thank you for the inspiration to think out of the box!

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks for the comment. I definitely understand where you are coming from with the sensory issues. I think it is wonderful that you have provided 3 little men a nice home. 🙂

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