Posted: June 2015

Author: Rachel Lynn

Hello and welcome to Queen Bee of Honey Dos. My name is  Rachel and I am the creator and author of this  blog. I currently reside in Tennessee (Yes, I am a southern gal) with my husband, twin boys and two dogs. I have a degree in General Psychology and just recently finished getting a second degree in Business Administration, and I can’t tell you how glad I am to have that one thing off of my plate.

Right now, I spend most of my time homeschooling my boys – one of which has autism. When I am not busy with family activities, and working on projects for this blog, I like to hide out with a good book. Occasionally, I enjoy watching  home remodel shows, and if I am not busy, I can spend the entire day doing so.

What It’s all about

Queen Bee of Honey Dos was created to provide ideas, techniques, and tutorials for all of those around the house projects.  While I love my husband, he doesn’t know much about fixing or building things (or at least that what he says). So, I have spent many years constructing, repairing and, in general, being a “Jane of all trades.”

But, don’t think he gets out of everything. I find plenty for him to do. He jokingly refers to me as “the queen bee of honey dos.” (Now that I think about it, perhaps what he really means is, “the queen ‘B’ of honey dos.”  😉 At any rate, I thought I may as well put the title to good use. So there you have the story behind the name.

In addition to home Projects, you will also find an Outdoor Living section, which I consider to be the earthy room of the house, and a Design & Decor section, where you will find techniques, tips and inspiration. (See my update below). Finally, I had to add a Favorite Things section.  This is where I share information on products or items that provide solutions to problems or that I find to be exceptional in some way.

Meet the family

familyThis is me with my husband and one of my twins. Oh, how I wish the other twin would cooperate for photos, but autism and flash photography do not mix well. 🙁 One day, I will get that elusive family photo, but until then, I prefer to just make life as easy on him as possible.

And this is the boys with their dad at the beach.

And of course, this is the girls.



Update: June 2017 

Well, they tell me that I need to re-assess my blog every few years and make adjustments as needed. Apparently, I am suppose to update my personal image and profile, as well as clean-up the layout.

If you have been coming here for awhile, you will notice that I have changed my profile image from the one at the top of this page to the one on the sidebar of the posts. My husband says that I look too serious. Oh well, I guess I can’t please everyone. 🙂

You will also notice that the navigation menus have had a slight alteration. After looking at where I have been and where I am headed with this blog, I felt that the menu was a little bit cluttered and undefined. So, now the menu layout is as follows:

  • Home – This is just the home button that takes you to the… well, the home page. It lists articles from every category in the order that they were written.
  • Home Projects – Here, you will find the DIY stuff that I really love to do. Most of this involves wood working, but I felt inclined to separate the sub-menus to leave room for refinished pieces and overhauls.
  • Craft Projects – I have given this topic its own category. Before, it had a sub-menu below Projects. However, I have started to accumulate enough crafty type How-Tos that it was starting to feel over-loaded. Here, you will find all the things that I complete in my crafting room. Some sub-menus are not populated quite yet, but I have plans for them. So, if you don’t see much there, just keep coming back.
  • Inspirations – Previously known as Decor and Design. I felt that the old menu was a bit ambiguous. A lot of folks were looking for DIYs under the old menu, hoping to find projects related to home decor. Now, I feel that it is clear that this is articles that are meant to inspire, and not How-Tos.
  • Favorite Things – This hasn’t changed. This is still where I review products that I find exceptional in some way.
  • About Us – That would be me, and you are here!