Small Closets Tips and Tricks

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Contemporary Closet by Ocala Closet Designers and Professional Organizers ClosetMaid Professional Services)

Not long ago, I posted an article that showcased some of the most luxurious walk-in closets. However, while they were beautiful eye candy, and certainly something to dream about, I know that most of us do not have closets like those. What most people do have is are simple small closets that can sometimes present  issues with storage. With that in mind, I wanted to get down to the nitty gritty and show some small closets with tips for optimizing space. 

Small Closets

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Modern Closet by Los Angeles Closet Designers and Professional Organizers Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design)

When we think of small closets, we generally hope that the closet is meant for a child. Small closets meant for children are much easier to organize than one being used for an adult. The clothes are smaller, and by virtue, all of the draws, shelves, and rods can be compacted closer together.

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Traditional Closet by San Francisco General Contractors Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.)

However, we can take some of those concepts and add them to an adult closet. Consider narrow shelving companioned with double rods.  Jeans and slacks can usually hang down low with minimal space required between the rod and the floor. Likewise, shirts can hang above a lower rod. Thereby, increasing the hanging space.

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Traditional Closet by Middleton Garage Doors Tailored Living)

If you have one of those small closets that is long but narrow, accessing that space between the wall and the far end of the closet can be a hassle. Consider turning the rods width wise to be able to easily view the clothes at that end.

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Eclectic Closet by Pittsburgh Photographers Jason Snyder)

Here this very small and narrow closet turned the rods width wise because the narrow depth would not allow for the hangers to hang forward facing. The area beneath the rods is also put to good use with very narrow shelving.

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Transitional Closet by Waldorf Closet Designers and Professional Organizers Deborah Broockerd/Closet Factory)

This closet plan can be done in closets as narrow as 4 feet. Instead of small walking with a single rod at the back, this closet has installed drawers at the rear, and hanging rods to the left.  It’s not the smallest closet out there, but it certainly has utilized the space to the best of it’s ability.

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Beach Style Closet by Irvine Closet Designers and Professional Organizers Katherin Lawry, California Closets)

This is a slightly larger version of the closet above. The difference here is that the right side of the closet allows for storage space, as well. Note that floor space is left at the very minimum needed to access the clothes.

Created CLoset Space…

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Rustic Bedroom by Norwich Architects & Building Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC)

If you do not have enough closet space consider creating one in unused wall space. Here, a built in wardrobe was added to this bumped out area created by the framing that supports the ceiling.

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Beach Style Bedroom by Ponte Vedra Beach Interior Designers & Decorators Beach Chic Design)

If you can forego nightstands, consider using that space to build a bed surround that hosts a closet on either side. It doesn’t take any more space than a nightstand, but it affords a wealth of storage space. Plus, The little nook created for the bed to recess into is quite cozy.

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Contemporary Closet by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Douglas Design Studio)

If you would like the built-in surround, but don’t want to sacrifice the nightstands, consider a surround that includes both. Here, a narrow pull out storage is built in along side of the nightstands. This allows for storage of anything that can be placed depth wise. Generally, shoes can easily be stored here, but if your room allows for a few more inches, clothes can be hung boutique style as well.

Small Closets Tips and Tricks

(Industrial Bedroom by Toronto Architects & Building Designers Pause Designs)

If you have the industrial look, you are really blessed. This style allows you to place clothing storage along just about any wall. Build it out using plumbing pipes and shelves. The materials will blend beautifully with the design.

Final Thoughts…

Hopefully, these small closets have offered you some ideas for your own storage solutions. If you have other great tips, please feel free to comment below. 🙂

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