Guest Post Submissions


Guest posts are a service provided to fellow bloggers looking to extend the reach of their blog and to build a community within the world of blogging. All seasoned bloggers know that networking and community building is the life’s blood of blogging. So, if you are a blogger with great content, we look forward to building that relationship with you.

Please read and follow the guidelines below, before submitting an article to be reviewed as a guest post. If your post is chosen to be featured on our blog, you will be contacted. Please note that we cannot respond to each submission that is rejected; however, we will contact all legitimate bloggers with a response, regardless. Submissions that contain inappropriate material, subject matter, or fails to comply to these rules will not be considered.


  1. You must be a blogger that has been up and running for a minimum of 6 months.
  2. Your blog must contain content that is relevant to Queen Bee of Honey Dos’ viewers. (i.e. Home/Garden, DIY, Crafts, Woodworking, etc.)
  3. Your submission must be unpublished elsewhere.
  4. Your post must contain a minimum of 3 links directed back to your blog. (one of which should be your home page). Please note: links must direct to relevant material within your blog. They cannot link back to a product or advertisement.
  5. Posts must contain quality images/photos that are relevant to the post. (Note: you must own or have rights to the images submitted).
  6. You understand, that should we chose your posts to be featured, you are relinquishing ownership of the post and cannot republish it elsewhere. (This is to prevent SEO penalization for duplicate content and to prevent confusion with origination).
  7. You understand that all images used within the post will be submitted separately (as Jpeg, PNG, or PSD) and will be uploaded into our database. (This is to protect the integrity of the post, in the event that the submitting blogger decides to discontinue their blog).
  8. If your post is chosen to be featured on our blog, you agree to post a mention of the feature on your blog with a link back us.
  9. You understand that if your post is chosen to be published on our blog that we will also promote the feature via our social networks.
  10. Submittals must be in HTML format. You can create a HTML format by either using the text editor located on your computer (Text editor on Mac or Notepad on Windows). If you are unfamiliar with how to create HTML, you can 1) write up the post on your blog just as you would normally – just make sure that you don’t hit publish. – 2) switch to the HTML version, and 3) cut/paste the post into  Word (Windows) or Pages (Mac). 4) Attach the HTML version in the email and send it over to us. Note – there is no need to upload the images separately at this time. Just include them in the HTML version as you want them to appear in the post. We will contact you for the images later, if your post is chosen.


Guest Posts are not intended as a way for advertisers to gain free viewership via this blog. If you are looking for a sponsored post, this would fall under our description of advertising. You may contact us concerning advertising, but please do not submit a sponsored post via out guest link.

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