Interior Design – Industrial

Industrial Interior Design
(Industrial Dining Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Muratore Construction/ Design)

Once upon a time (but not too long ago), Industrial interior design wasn’t really even a design. It was merely a way to cheaply give new life to a warehouse or some other uninhabitable space that was being remodeled. Exposed duct work and iron supports was just a structural feature that was left exposed, not because it was visually desirable, but because hiding it would result in budget overages. However; the look has essentially gone viral. In part five of the series on interior design, we will cover the Industrial design.

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Tiny Houses Make a Big Splash!

Tiny Houses Make a Big Splash

Rustic Living Room by Seattle Photographers The Tiny Tack House

Recently, a new trend has arisen in home design and construction. The Tiny House!  Maybe because of t.v. shows such as “Tiny House Builders” or “Tiny House, Big Living,” but whatever the reason, downsizing to the nth degree is fast becoming the thing to do.

Now, while I can’t say that a tiny house is everyone’s cup of tea, I can certainly say that I appreciate the reasoning behind it. I also can appreciate the skill and sometimes ingenious ideas that go into creating one of these special abodes.

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Interior Design Styles – Traditional

Interior Design Styles - Traditional

Are you traditional?

I frequently come across people that are asking for advise or commenting on different interior design styles, and one thing that I have noticed is that many of these people don’t know exactly what constitutes a particular style. Generally, I try to show people photos of different rooms to see which ones they like, and what about those rooms that they find attractive. I do this because, more often than not, simply taking their word on what interior design styles they want may or may not turn out to be pleasing to them.

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