Pre-lit Christmas Tree Lights Repair/Replace

PRE-LIT CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTSSeven years ago, I purchase a beautiful 9′ Vienna Pine. You know, the kind with the pre-lit Christmas tree lights? Well, it was wonderful for the first five years. Then, a few years ago the lights began to gradually twinkle out. So, last year after putting the thing together, wouldn’t you know it! Several rows wouldn’t light up.

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How to Repair Ceiling Sheetrock

Repair Ceiling SheetrockMost of us are familiar with the sheetrock repair kits that are sold in the big box stores, and many of us have made good use of these for repairing holes in a wall. But what about when we have a hole in the ceiling? You may be wondering exactly how you are suppose to fix that. Well, I am here to help you repair ceiling sheetrock holes.

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Refinish Cedar Shutters!

Refinish Cedar Shutters…

Since the weather has been so nice lately, I thought this would be a great time to do some much needed maintenance on some outside items. At the top of that list is my board and batten cedar shutters. It has been 3 years since they were stained and installed, and they are really begging for some attention. So, I thought I would quickly go over how I refinish cedar shutters and keep them looking good.

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How to Repair Sling Chairs & Chaises

Repair Sling Chairs and Chaises…
Repair Sling Chairs and Chaises

How To Repair Sling Chairs and Chaises

I was so sad to see my favorite sling chaise die. After many, many years of good service, it finally succumb to the relentless abuse of my two boys. Now, I have several other lounge chairs that I could choose for my poolside relaxing, but for some reason I just wanted this one. So, what more is there to do than to perform an overhaul, and this is how I repair sling chairs and chaises.

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