Free Wall Art Printables

Free Wall Art PrintablesI thought that all my readers might like a chance to see some of the nice, free wall art printables that are available in the Printables’ Gallery. Normally, access to these printables are reserved for my email subscribers, but I have decided to open the Printables Gallery for a limited time to the entire public. Sort of a sneak peek. 🙂

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DIY Tear Away Notepads

DIY Tear Away NotepadsI wanted to take the time to show you a few easy craft projects that can be done with some of my free printables. So I thought, what better way to get started but to show you how to create your very own tear away notepads. You know the kind – similar to the standard sticky notes. (minus the sticky). These DIY tear away notepads are incredibly easy to make.

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More Than 50 Free Printables!

For quite a while now, I have been working on a way to show my appreciation to all of my subscribers. As you may or may not know, email subscribers are the life blood of a blogger (or at least they are for this blogger). So as such, I feel that it is important to work hard at keeping them. That is when my plan for free printables came along.

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How To – Winterize Outdoor Kitchen Sink

How To - Winterize Outdoor Kitchen Sink

(How To – Winterize Outdoor Kitchen Sink – Photo by Ted Lare Design Build)

How To – Winterize Outdoor Kitchen Sink…

Well, the weather has really begun to get cold here in the South. So, I know that it is time to close down the outdoor kitchen and get it ready to survive the winter. If you have an outdoor sink, you may want to read this article to  make sure that you have your sink ready to go, as well.

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Reupholster Leather Chair

Reupholster Leather Chair -How To

Reupholster Leather Chair… or just replace the damaged Parts.

Not long ago, I replaced the leather (or pleather) on the seat cushions in my theater room. They had become worn and were beginning to peel. I thought that I could get away with just reupholstering the seats, because everything else looked fine. But, wouldn’t you know it. Just a few months after completing the seat cushions, one of the backs began to peel, as well. This is what it looked like just before I got around to reupholstering it. So, I guess technically this article is on how to replace the back cushions more so than on how to reupholster leather chair (s).

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Upholstery For Beginners

Upholstery is a great way to extend the life of furniture or to create a fresh new look from an old piece. However, there are a few things that one needs to know before attempting to disassemble and reupholster furniture. This article covers the basics of upholstery and is intended for beginners. So, for the 411 on upholstery for beginners, continue with this article.

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