20 DIY Letter Decor Ideas

Everyone seems to be in love with letter decor, and I can’t say that I blame them. I love them, too! It is such an easy way to bring a personalized touch to a home. They are inexpensive, and they can be used for any room or style. So, I thought that this would be a good time to offer some letter decor ideas for anyone thinking about creating their own.

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Painted Wine Bottles

A good way to recycle those old wine bottles is to make a wine bottle vase. To do that, you just need to paint them. I prefer black and white painted bottles, but they can be done in any shade imaginable. Even in chalkboard paint, if you want to incorporate a personal message.

painted wine bottlesHow to Get the look

Step 1 – Make sure the bottle is squeaky clean. Remove all labels then, use a good grease cutting soap (such as dawn) and wash clean.

Step 2 – Wipe down the bottle with white vinegar to remove any soap residue that may have been left behind. Allow to thoroughly dry.

Step 3 – Primer the bottle, spraying light coats  over the surface, allowing each coat to dry in between. Make sure to hold the spray can at least 12″ from the bottle. Do not try to completely cover the bottle in one coat. Trying to do too much at once will result in runs.

Step 4 – Spray with paint, using the same light, even coats. Allow to dry between eat coat.

twinewraptwine2Step 4 – After the final coat is dry, wrap the neck with twine and insert flowers. The way that I wrap the twine is to take the strip that I want to use,  and hold a small length at the point where I want to start the wrap. Then, wrap the twine around and over the length, so that it is sealed and secure beneath itself. This will leave a tail with which you can tie a bow.

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Lampshade Makeover

From boring to beautiful

Lampshade - After

Lampshade - Before

Take a look at your lamps, or any lamp for that matter. What initially jumps out at you? The lampshade, right? Well that’s what I noticed when I looked at my nightstand lamps. Unfortunately, they where just a boring, white, blah! So, I decided to give them a lampshade makeover.

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Dry Erase Boards

DIY Dry Erase Board on a Dime!

quest for an inexpensive board that works…….

I really needed a good dry erase board for my craft/class room, but I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars to get the set up that I wanted. In the past, I have tried smaller boards purchased from office supply stores. I have also tried the paintable white boards. Both had there faults. The purchased boards were too small and very expensive for their size. The paintable white boards were never quite as smooth as the store bought, and they eventually show the dreaded ghosting.

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