How to Build Cabinet Boxes

How to Build Cabinet Boxes

(How to Build Cabinet Boxes – Photo by Co Adaptive Architecture PLLC)

One of the easiest, and yet scariest DIYs, is to build cabinet boxes. There are so many different techniques that are used to build cabinet boxes, and every builder will have a preference. I frequently get questions pertaining to my method of choice. So, today I am going to go over the two most common ways that I build cabinet boxes for both the upper and lower cabinets. I promise, they really are not difficult to make. So, jump right in and try it yourself! (keep reading…)

How To – Table Top Build

Table Top Build

Table Top Build

As promised, I am demonstrating how I made the cedar top for my DIY Island last week. This particular table top build is done using 6″ construction grade cedar planks. Now if you know anything about cedar, you know that the construction grade lumber is quite rough, and it may seem like an unusual choice for a DIY table top. However, it actually makes a beautiful rustic piece when done properly. In fact, if you try it, you may never want to use standard pine (most  DIYer’s wood of choice) again. (Keep Reading)

DIY Island Build

DIY Island

MY Easy DIY Island…

Just recently I decided to build a DIY island to go in my guest house. I really wanted a cedar topped island, but knew that this was not the typical countertop material for an island. But, I decided that I would go ahead with the project and try to demonstrate how to easily throw one of these together using only wood materials that can be found at any big box store. (Keep Reading…)

How to Repair Sling Chairs & Chaises

Repair Sling Chairs and Chaises…
Repair Sling Chairs and Chaises

How To Repair Sling Chairs and Chaises

I was so sad to see my favorite sling chaise die. After many, many years of good service, it finally succumb to the relentless abuse of my two boys. Now, I have several other lounge chairs that I could choose for my poolside relaxing, but for some reason I just wanted this one. So, what more is there to do than to perform an overhaul, and this is how I repair sling chairs and chaises. (keep reading)

Reupholster Leather Chair

Reupholster Leather Chair -How To

Reupholster Leather Chair… or just replace the damaged Parts.

Not long ago, I replaced the leather (or pleather) on the seat cushions in my theater room. They had become worn and were beginning to peel. I thought that I could get away with just reupholstering the seats, because everything else looked fine. But, wouldn’t you know it. Just a few months after completing the seat cushions, one of the backs began to peel, as well. This is what it looked like just before I got around to reupholstering it. So, I guess technically this article is on how to replace the back cushions more so than on how to reupholster leather chair (s). (Keep Reading…)

DIY Composite Raised Garden

Raised gardens can be bought as a kit or constructed completely as a DIY project. Regardless of how you get your raised garden, they can be a wonderful way to grow veggies. However, they do have one downside. If made of wood, they will eventually rot. Decomposition is inevitable. But, there are ways to construct a raised bed that will lengthen the life and the looks. Because I wanted to do both, I decided to construct a DIY composite raised garden. (Keep Reading)

Update with a Metallic Finish.

A Metallic Finish can unify pieces for a complete look

Old pieces can look fresh and new again with just a little paint and effort, and can even create a set from previously unrelated pieces. Just take a look at this cabinet and oil painting that were headed for the attic. The painting was one of my favorites, but although the previous gold, accented, frame worked nicely with my old paint scheme, it was really clashing with my current gray tones.





The cabinet, prior to this makeover,  had a disjointed look to it. It looked as if it couldn’t make up its mind on which style it wanted to be – farm house or modern. The cabinet itself was a simple wooden frame with tin inserts in the door and sides. The frame was black (good for me) and the tin inserts were painted a yellow with rust red accenting. (…..Keep Reading)

Weathered Gray Console

Seems like the in thing right now is weathered gray furniture, and I have to admit that I am developing a fondness for it as well. I recently found a console  at Restoration Hardware that I have been coveting, but it wasn’t exactly the gray color that I was hoping to find. I was looking for more of a dark driftwood tone. Plus, with a price of around $1700, I thought that this would be a good DIY project. I am sorry that I did not take photos of the whole process. However, I have created a sketch up to compensate. (…..Keep Reading)