10 Ideas to Hide Those Trash Bins

10 Ideas to Hide Those Trash Bins

( Trash Bins – Photo by The Honest Scot)

With Spring finally arriving, I know a lot of you are probably beginning to start your outdoor cleanup and maintenance. One thing to consider is where your trash bins are parked. Are they visible from the road or by your neighbors. Maybe you would like to come up with a good way to hide them. If so, these 10 ideas may point you in the right direction for an attractive and easy result. (keep reading…)

Add Curb Appeal with These Ideas!

Add Curb Appeal

(Photo by Studio 212 Interiors)

The exterior and front landscape of a home are the first impression that a house makes to anyone that happens to visit, or just drive by. So, it is aways a good idea to take an objective look at the exterior and try to see what statement your home is making to others. Are there areas that can be improved within your budget? Is everything clean and tidy? Does your home look inviting, or is it the home that kids believe houses the local witch? 😉 If so, then you probably need to add curb appeal to correct these issues. The following suggestions may provide some areas for which improvements can be made. (Keep Reading…)

12 Fabulous Shade Loving Plants

Shade Loving Plants

(Traditional Landscape by Stevensville Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Arcadia Gardens, LLC)

Everyone has that shady spot that they want to get to looking good, but sometimes it is hard to figure out just exactly what to plant in these locations. It could be a spot on the north side of a wall, an area under a tree, or a space that is just to the edge of a wooded canopy. Regardless all of these would fall into the shade loving plants category. So, let’s take a look at 12 different popular options – that work for Zones 4-8.

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Getting Rid of Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac

Getting Rid of Poison Ivy

Poison ivy, oak and sumac are some of the worst landscaping problems that you may have to deal with. According to specialist, more than 85% of people are allergic to these obnoxious weeds. That means that getting rid of them in our landscape and/or gardens is a must. But it also means that doing so can be risky. So, these are the important things that you need to know when getting rid of poison ivy, oak or sumac. (Keep Reading…)

DIY Composite Raised Garden

Raised gardens can be bought as a kit or constructed completely as a DIY project. Regardless of how you get your raised garden, they can be a wonderful way to grow veggies. However, they do have one downside. If made of wood, they will eventually rot. Decomposition is inevitable. But, there are ways to construct a raised bed that will lengthen the life and the looks. Because I wanted to do both, I decided to construct a DIY composite raised garden. (Keep Reading)

March of the Armadillos

March of the Armadillos

The first time I had ever seen an armadillo in person was back in 2008. I was amazed, because I thought that they were primarily a Texas animal. I initially thought that it was a fluke. That is, until a few weeks later when I saw another one. That made me wonder if they had been displaced because of Katrina.

Since then, I have seen many of these little critters, but didn’t think too much about it until recently. Take a guess why I am paying more attention to these giant rolly pollies. If you guessed that they were invading my yard, then you win the prize! (…Keep reading!)

Fall Landscaping Ideas

Traditional Entry by Dallas Landscape Contractors Southern Botanical, Inc.

Create a Fall Landscape with these fall landscaping ideas

Well, another season has come and gone. Now, you are probably getting your self ready for the fall and winter that is to come – cleaning gutters, winter proofing windows and doors, and raking the fallen leaves. But, what is one to do to have something nice to look at during those bare tree months? (…..Keep Reading)

Tree Guards for Deer Rubbing

Check out my Youtube video for this project.

Tree Guards for Preventing deer rubbing


A few years ago, I had a row of Little Gem Magnolias planted along the side of my driveway to serve as a screen for the garage area. I have been anxiously awaiting the day when these small trees would mature into a somewhat reasonable size. The first spring they did pretty well for a newly planted tree. Then, low and behold, this past winter, a buck that loves to visit my yard nearly sheared one of these babies completely in half. (I call him Uncle Buck – because he is like the family member that you dread to have visit). 😉

Well fast forward to today, and the deer mating season is fast approaching for my area, and I am getting ready for Uncle Buck with these deer guards. (…..Keep Reading)


10 Plants Deer Love to Eat

Please Don’t Eat the Daisies!

I noticed that there seem to be a lot of articles out there to educate people on which plants are resistant to deer, but not so much on telling which plants to avoid. (As in, the deer will eat these to the ground).  So, I decided that it is time to put the warning out there. Now, obviously deer will eat a great deal of different plants, and how picky they are changes with how many options that they have – i.e, during the winter they could eat just about anything. But if you want to know which plants are certain to cause the neighbors to believe that you have gone completely mad (something that is sure to happen when you run outside flapping your arms, screaming like a maniac,) then continue to read. (…..Keep Reading)