Safe Automatic Night Lights

Safe Automatic Night Lights

(Safe Automatic Night Lights -Image via SnapPower)

If you haven’t yet heard of the latest, new invention in night lights, you have got to see these. I have to say that I absolutely love this product. I ordered just a few to start with, but after seeing how they work, I immediately went back for more. They are  safe, automatic, night lights that camouflages themselves as outlet covers. (keep reading…)

Epoxy Grout – Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro!

Epoxy Grout

(Epoxy Grout – Photo by KuDa Photography)

There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a beautiful tile layout. However, there is also nothing more annoying than having a great job ruined by the stains that are almost sure to come. Even diligently applying sealer on a regular schedule can not stand up to some accidents that may happen. To solve this problem, I use epoxy grout – specifically, SpectraLock’s epoxy grout. (keep reading…)