Open Shelving – Pros and Cons

Open Shelving - Pros & Cons

(Open Shelving – Photo by Erotas Building Corporation)

Have you considered having open shelving in your kitchen? Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that open shelving has become the “thing” to do. What with HGTVs Fixer Upper using them quite frequently to achieve Joanna’s signature farmhouse look, and the rise in popularity for the Rustic Industrial look, open shelving seems to be just about everywhere. But before you take that leap, let’s look at both the Pros and Cons of this design choice. (keep reading…

Easy Pantry Organization Tools

Easy Pantry Organization Tools

(Photo by Cody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc.)

If you are in need of some pantry organization, then this is the article for you! When you have a pantry the size of a bedroom, I guess it is easy to keep things neat and organized. After all, with so much room nothing should get cluttered. Unfortunately, most of us only dream of having such a spacious pantry.

In reality, we have to deal with smaller pantries, generally ones that end with shuffling cans and bags around in an attempt to locate that elusive product. Well, with a few easy to use, pantry organization tools, we can create additional space and make our pantries more efficient.

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Refinished Cabinets – Before and Afters

Refinished Cabinets - Before and Afters

(Spaces by Fredericksburg Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Pro Refinish)

Refinished Cabinets…

If you take a look around the internet, you will see that there are a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people showcasing their DIY refinished cabinets. Seems like everyone has gotten on board with this do it yourself project. I’ve done several refinish jobs myself over the years. In fact, I am in the process of redoing my laundry room right now. (Coming soon).

Because of that, I wanted to discuss just a bit the process for getting a quality job. Plus, I wanted to show some well done before and afters of several refinished cabinets that followed all of the correct steps.

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Countertop Options

Countertop Options

(Traditional Kitchen by Rockford Interior Designers & Decorators KannCept Design, Inc.)

Countertops come in so many different materials, colors, and finishes that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to choose. Obviously, I can’t cover all of the  countertop options in just one article, but I did want to explain the different types of materials. I also will touch upon different finish options when appropriate. This should provide you with a very good idea of which direction that you would like to go.

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Cabinet Options

(Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis Architects & Building Designers Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd)

Cabinets, cabinets, cabinets. Who doesn’t dream of redoing their kitchen or bathroom with fabulous cabinetry? If you happen to be in the process of planning or completing a kitchen or bathroom, then you are aware of the vast amount of choices that this entails. Sometimes, a person just needs a little help with all the cabinet options. (Keep Reading…)

13 DIYs for a Designer Kitchen

DIY Designer Kitchen

(Beach Style Kitchen by Loudonville General Contractors Shrock Premier Custom Construction)

DIY Designer Kitchen

Everyone wants to have a fabulous kitchen. However, most of us either don’t have the time or the budget to embark on a complete makeover – regardless of how much we would love to do one. So, what can be done to update or improve upon a kitchen that isn’t going anywhere for awhile. (Keep Reading!)

Microwave Location Options

One of the most difficult decisions that I faced when designing my kitchen was deciding what type of microwave that I wanted, and where exactly I wanted to place it.  It is such a large and yet important appliance; still many people struggle with this decision.  Which is best? Countertop? Drawer? Convection? Over-the-range? And where exactly is the best location? It’s enough to cause a major migraine. Well, the simplest answer is that there is no one correct answer. So instead, let’s just break down the pros and cons for each. (…..Keep Reading)