8 Wonderful Niche Ideas

8 Wonderful Niche Ideas

(8 Wonderful Niche Ideas – Photo by Jill Shevlin Design)

One of the things I find that I often do is to look through a wall rather than at it. That is, every time I see a blank wall, I ask myself, “what can I do inside that wall?” I guess because I am a space hog, I hate to ignore those 4-6 inches of space that are just sitting there being wasted. (an obsession that I am sure my dh really wishes that I didn’t have) 😉 But today, i invite you to join me with imagining how that space can be used add that something extra to your home with these 8 niche ideas. (keep reading…)

Epoxy Grout – Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro!

Epoxy Grout

(Epoxy Grout – Photo by KuDa Photography)

There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a beautiful tile layout. However, there is also nothing more annoying than having a great job ruined by the stains that are almost sure to come. Even diligently applying sealer on a regular schedule can not stand up to some accidents that may happen. To solve this problem, I use epoxy grout – specifically, SpectraLock’s epoxy grout. (keep reading…)

Interior Door Styles – The 411

Interior Door Styles

(Interior Door Styles –  Photo by Weaver Custom Homes)

The interior doors in a house can either make or break an intended design style. If you have ever walked through a home that was decorated in very traditional furniture but had flush doors throughout, then you know what I mean. The wrong door can stick out like a soar thumb. When asked which type of interior door styles go with what design, I usually break it down like this: (keep reading…)


Refinish Cedar Shutters!

Refinish Cedar Shutters…

Since the weather has been so nice lately, I thought this would be a great time to do some much needed maintenance on some outside items. At the top of that list is my board and batten cedar shutters. It has been 3 years since they were stained and installed, and they are really begging for some attention. So, I thought I would quickly go over how I refinish cedar shutters and keep them looking good. (keep reading…)

Home Drop Zone Ideas

Home Drop Zone Ideas

(Home Drop Zone Ideas – Photo by Locale Design Build

Most of us understand how convenient it is to have a dedicated space where coats, hats and shoes can be dropped off. If your like me, you put a lot of thought into getting this one space perfect. (i.e. hooks for each person, easy to clean flooring, etc.) Generally, all these considerations are designed around children and/or pets. So, the one thing that you may have not incorporated into your plan is a keys and mail center. However, these home drop zone ideas can help you with that! (keep reading…)

Remodeled Fireplaces – Before & After

Remodeled Fireplaces

(Remodeled Fireplaces – Photo by Gabriel Builders Inc.)

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to get our juices flowing for that next home improvement project. Because everyone wants to have that key feature element in a room, I thought that a beautiful fireplace is a good place to start. So, today I have decided to offer you some of my favorite remodeled fireplaces. If you have a fireplace that needs some love, your gonna want to see these! (keep reading…)

Clawfoot Tub Styles & Ideas

Clawfoot Tub Styles

(Clawfoot Tub Styles – Photo by Associated Design Co )

There is just something about a claw-foot tub that is so charming and elegant. Perhaps it is the vintage vibe that one gets from placing such a throw back item into a modern day setting. Whatever the reason, claw-foot tubs are a popular bathroom piece, and luckily, they can work with any design style. With just a little information on claw-foot tub styles, anyone can work one into their design choice. (keep reading…)