Interior Door Styles – The 411

Interior Door Styles

(Interior Door Styles –  Photo by Weaver Custom Homes)

The interior doors in a house can either make or break an intended design style. If you have ever walked through a home that was decorated in very traditional furniture but had flush doors throughout, then you know what I mean. The wrong door can stick out like a soar thumb. When asked which type of interior door styles go with what design, I usually break it down like this: (keep reading…)


Refinish Cedar Shutters!

Refinish Cedar Shutters…

Since the weather has been so nice lately, I thought this would be a great time to do some much needed maintenance on some outside items. At the top of that list is my board and batten cedar shutters. It has been 3 years since they were stained and installed, and they are really begging for some attention. So, I thought I would quickly go over how I refinish cedar shutters and keep them looking good. (keep reading…)

Home Drop Zone Ideas

Home Drop Zone Ideas

(Home Drop Zone Ideas – Photo by Locale Design Build

Most of us understand how convenient it is to have a dedicated space where coats, hats and shoes can be dropped off. If your like me, you put a lot of thought into getting this one space perfect. (i.e. hooks for each person, easy to clean flooring, etc.) Generally, all these considerations are designed around children and/or pets. So, the one thing that you may have not incorporated into your plan is a keys and mail center. However, these home drop zone ideas can help you with that! (keep reading…)

Remodeled Fireplaces – Before & After

Remodeled Fireplaces

(Remodeled Fireplaces – Photo by Gabriel Builders Inc.)

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to get our juices flowing for that next home improvement project. Because everyone wants to have that key feature element in a room, I thought that a beautiful fireplace is a good place to start. So, today I have decided to offer you some of my favorite remodeled fireplaces. If you have a fireplace that needs some love, your gonna want to see these! (keep reading…)

Clawfoot Tub Styles & Ideas

Clawfoot Tub Styles

(Clawfoot Tub Styles – Photo by Associated Design Co )

There is just something about a claw-foot tub that is so charming and elegant. Perhaps it is the vintage vibe that one gets from placing such a throw back item into a modern day setting. Whatever the reason, claw-foot tubs are a popular bathroom piece, and luckily, they can work with any design style. With just a little information on claw-foot tub styles, anyone can work one into their design choice. (keep reading…)

Back to School Decor Ideas

Back to School Decor Ideas

(Back to School Decor Ideas – Photo by LeAnne Bunnell Interiors)

Well, it is officially that time of the year again. The birds are singing and all the colors look brighter. 😉 Yep, it’s back to school time! Unfortunately, the chaos that can ensue each morning can ruin an otherwise beginning to a wonderful day. So, to help keep the chaos down to a minimum, I am sharing some of my favorite back to school organizing tips. (keep reading…)

Solutions from Tiny House Living

Solutions from Tiny House Living

(Solutions from Tiny House Living – Photo by The Tiny Project

If you have paid much attention to the tiny house architecture, you know that there are some amazing storage solutions and tricks that can be taken away from the creative minds of tiny house builders. The great thing is that these wonderful ideas can be incorporated into any home design regardless of the size. So, today we will cover several solutions from tiny house living. (keep Reading…)

Easy Window Treatments Ideas & Updates

Easy Window Treatments Ideas & Updates

(Easy Window Treatments Ideas & Updates –  Photo by Leslie Fine Interiors)

Want to make a change to a room without breaking the bank? Changing out the window treatments is one of the best ways to do that. The window treatments in a room are like a nice hairdo. It may work for awhile, but eventually you will want a new look to freshen things up. However, most of us wish to do so without breaking the bank. (keep reading…)

Sloped Ceiling Closets

sloped ceiling closets

(Sloped Ceiling Closets – Photo by Augustus Construction)

Sloped Ceiling Closets

Just recently I received an email from someone asking for advise on how to create closet space when the ceiling is sloped or slanted. I understand this problem, and know that many of us have the same dilemma. So, I wanted to expand on my other articles of small closets and drool worthy closets by adding this article on sloped ceiling closets. (keep reading…)